It’s been almost 3 years since I last posted here and boy a lot has changed. If you knew me then, trust, now you don’t know me at all! (Talk about evolution) Throwback to the first time I started writing and I was so enthusiastic about it. I had a lot going on back then; […]

Good vibes only.

I set the bar really high at the start of 2016. I myself was caught by surprise to be honest. I’ve set my mind to do a lot of things for change and however hard it will be, I sure ain’t breaking none of it. (I can already see some of you saying yeah..right!). Yeah! […]

The year that has been.

I remember quite vividly how enthusiastic I was about writing at the beginning of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I still am, only that I had a few setbacks here and there. This year has gone by so fast and I’ve honestly lost account of a lot of things that happened. I mean, who […]


Waddup beautiful people? The weather has finally changed! I know most of you people must be cursing and shit but am really happy because too much sun just makes me lazy and am really working on that kind of negative attitude. Its been quite a while since i wrote something but last week I had that hell […]


You know of those days you just wake up and feel God’s grace upon you? Yes today is those days to me. I woke up at 3 am!…yes i did! Nowadays i have no problem waking up by the way, though, its not that I wanted to but because yesterday i was drinking and stoning […]


         Its Monday…yeees!and the 2nd of Feb…bye bye Njaaanuary! I know most of you woke up groaning and cursing as you prepared for the day. well on the contrary i did wake up earlier than usual and even got to the office first!This is huuuge! i mean the whole of last week […]